Thursday, June 5, 2014

I NEED Your Help!

I am in my last days of being eligible for iTunes New&Noteworthy status. As of this morning, I am #42 in All categories of New & Noteworthy. You can still help. If you have not listened and left a rating in iTunes, I NEED you to take action now.

And I may have neglected something. Using iTunes isn't necessarily user-friendly. It occurs to me that some may not know how to review on iTunes.

Here are some instructions: 1) click here and follow to "View in iTunes" - under logo (can be done after you listen to your chosen show(s). 2) Once on iTunes in the middle over the show listings is "Details", "Ratings and Reviews" and "Related". 3) Click "Ratings and Reviews". 4) Next to "Click to Rate" there are 5 gray stars. Click the number of stars you think my show deserves OR 5) Underneath that is "Write a Review". That allows you to write a review AND leave a star rating.
Thank you so much in advance for helping promote these shows.

I have 3 days left in N&N. Please act now!

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Accepting Praise for Your Successes

Brian Dunning is from the podcast, and he was the most recent guest on my podcast Make Your Someday Today.

Success will bring recognition. In business, that could be in the form of a pay raise, a bonus, a promotion, or a bigger office. In sports, that could be medals or sponsorships. Those are relatively easy to accept. They are tangible rewards, something that is measurable and comparable to other people.

In weight loss, the recognition is different. People will say things like "Have you lost weight?" or "You are getting so thin" or "You really shouldn't lose any more weight." Those can be handled with a simple "Yes", "Not really" and "My goal is to be healthy", respectively.

But what do you say to people who give verbal praise? (This can be in any of the above successes.) Peers and family who are unable to give that tangible recognition but are only able to say "You did great on that project" or "You were the fastest in that race" or "You look great!"

Think about those comments. What are your first responses that come to mind. Most likely the response will sound something like "I was just doing my job" or "That's just because I practiced a lot" or "Oh, I didn't lose that much!" People tend to be humble when presented with praise. We downplay our successes. We try to not seem boastful.

That is really wrong. In my Booster episode from today (May 8, 2014) I talk about this problem in greater detail. Listen to the entire show for my rationale and a challenge that I am putting out to everyone. You can find the show in iTunes here, in Stitcher (for non-Apple devices) here, and directly from my website here.

Also, I gave a few more shout-outs to reviewers. Do you want to hear your name? Give me a rating and review on iTunes today!

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Delicious Foods!

There are some foods that are just needed. Comfort foods. Foods from your childhood. These are foods that rarely get mentioned in trendy food magazines, but never go away from the shelves in your local store. And they never will.

They are the "processed" foods of convenience. In this case, "processed" means (I think) chopped, formed and canned. Regardless, this food will stay fresh on you pantry shelf for a long time, until that cold and dreary day, when you need a bite of childhood memories.

When I was growing up, we ate Spam. Not all the time, but often enough. Sometimes it was sliced and fried at breakfast, sometimes sliced and made into a cold sandwich. But my favorite way of eating it is to slice it, lay in on a hamburger bun, top with a slice of onion, and then add a second bit of yellow processed comfort food, Velveeta.

It must be Velveeta, not real cheese. Nothing else melts and browns the same.

This will last for a long time in your pantry!

Processed food marriage of perfection.

Broil for about 5 minutes, or until it gets soft and browned.

I sort of don't want to do this part, but I need to keep the pattern.

Nutritional data for 1 portion (as above with 2 ounces of Spam and 1 ounce Velveeta):
Calories:        348
Fat:                 22g
Sat fat:            10g
Chol:            65mg
Sodium:    1401mg
Carb:           21.9g
Fiber:             4.3g
Protein:        16.2g

Another unique food is Vegemite. Those of us of a certain age will immediately start thinking about a certain "Men at Work" song from the mid-80's. Vegemite is an Australian food, a by-product of the brewing industry. It is essentially a yeast paste, with some malt extract for flavor. And salt. A lot of salt.

Never confuse this with Nutella!

I find it to be a food that you will either love or hate. I fall into the "love" category. I prefer to toast an English muffin, butter it, and then spread a bit (1/2 teaspoon) of the paste on each half.
Incredibly savory, this really is delicious. For some people.

Sometimes I add a fried egg on top.

I'm just going to give nutritional data for the Vegemite, since it is more of an ingredient than a stand-alone food.

Nutritional data (per 1 teaspoon)
Calories:      10
Fat:              0g
Sat fat          0g:
Chol:            0g
Sodium: 160mg
Carbs:       0.8g
Fiber:           0g
Protein:         2g

On the upside, beside a TON of flavor, it also provides a LOT of B vitamins.  If you are curious, the only place I've found Vegemite is on Amazon.

These were some of the foods that my most recent podcast guest, Brian Dunning, talked about. You can hear the entire show here (in iTunes) or here (in Stitcher) or directly from my website.

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

A Success Story! Have You Heard It Yet?

This is a shameless plug for my podcast.

You can easily find MakeYourSomedayToday (in iTunes) or (in Stitcher). If you like what you hear, please leave me a review on one of those sites (or both!) Ratings and reviews serve to demonstrate to each company that my podcast is worth promoting. That is the only way I can grow--if you, my readers and listeners give feedback to iTunes and Stitcher!

I am asking for everyone here to listen to a show or two (or all 10?) and then give me honest ratings and reviews.

The next show that I will promote here is the most recent episode, and it will feature a few unusual foods. If you listened already, you know what I am talking about. I will show pictures and give basic recipes.

By the way, if you want to hear my story, you can find it in MYST Episode 1 at either of the links about or directly from my website.

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Have You Listened Yet?

My podcast is now available on iTunes and Stitcher

Have you listened to it yet? If not, please go out to one of those sites (iTunes if you use an iPhone, iPad, or iPod) and Stitcher (if you use an Android phone), subscribe and listen.

I want to grow my audience, but the only way that will happen is if more people can easily find it. And that only happens if I can make--and maintain--an appearance in iTunes New & Noteworthy. New & Noteworthy is only possible for the first eight weeks of a podcast's life. Just 56 days. And Make Your Someday Today is already 10 days old.

Podcasts are measured by the number of subscriptions, ratings and reviews. Can you be my superhero and save the day for me? 

After you help me by subscribing, rating and reviewing, drop me a line on Twitter and tell me, okay? @TrevorLaRene

Friday, April 11, 2014

The Podcast is Up and Running!

I rarely directly ask for help here, but I AM asking now! I need everyone's help!

I want to let everyone know that my podcast has launched successfully, with three episodes published, and the fourth to be released on Monday, Apr 14. I have 8 more interviews recorded, edited and scheduled for weekly releases, every Monday. I am recording more people every week to stay ahead of schedule. This podcast will run smoothly, with at least one new episode every week.

Make Your Someday Today is available on iTunes right now. 

I am waiting for acceptance to Stitcher, Windows, and Blackberry. You can also listen to it, or download it directly from my website. To be totally honest, the website is rough, but it works. Now that I have a grip (slippery, but it is a grip) on the podcast, I am going to focus on the web page.

When you listen to the show, please go to the website and leave comments on the show notes. If you download from iTunes (or any of the other sources mentioned) please go back after listening, subscribe to get future episodes automatically and leave me a 5 star review!

A few details:

The podcast is focused on helping you succeed, in any goal. I believe that reaching success requires the same steps whether you are trying to lose 50 pounds, write a book, run a marathon, or get A's in school. It is an interview-based show (most of the episodes, at least) so you won't be listening to me for the entire show, but rather others who faced challenges and yet persevered to reach success, and now are returning that success to others. You may know of some of my guests, especially if you already listen to podcasts, but the majority of my guests are going to be people like you and me, who set a goal, worked hard, and achieved success. We will learn their strategies.

Most of the interview shows run about 40 minutes. The non-interview shows run 15-30 minutes. The first episode was rough (in terms of sound quality) but I quickly got better.
  • The first episode is my story, and why I feel that I can help you succeed in your goals.
  • The second episode is about how the podcast will work, and the four key steps in succeeding at anything.
  • The third episode is a podcaster/entrepreneur who had plenty of challenges, and stepped outside his comfort zone to help create success for others around the world.
  • The fourth episode (available Monday, Apr 14) is a major blogger (250K hits a month) and cookbook author, who teaches a common sense way to enjoy life and still lose weight.
  • The fifth (available Monday, Apr 21) is the first LoseIt member. Many LoseIt friends will make an appearance on the podcast over the next 2-3 months.
  • The sixth episode will be a podcaster from Wisconsin who experienced a ton of challenges, and yet rose to become a successful business woman and entrepreneur.
  • The seventh will be a LoseIt member from Canada.
  • The eighth is a science podcaster, with 180K downloads a week.

If you want to know more, you need to subscribe and listen! And if you like what you hear (and so far, everyone is giving me good reviews) PLEASE tell others about the podcast in your preferred social media platform. (And a second reminder to leave a 5 star review on iTunes. That is critical to helping others find me easily in the iTunes directory, because placement is based on reviews.)

Friday, April 4, 2014

The Podcast is Coming!

Get ready, world!

In only a few days, you will not only have my blog, but now my podcast! It will be an interview-based show (so that way you do not need to listen to me talk for the entire show.) Each week, my guest will have a success story. We will talk to weight loss victors, entrepreneurs, artists, and athletes. This is an international show. I have already interviewed guests from Israel, Canada and Greece as well as from across the USA. I have people in the United Kingdom, Australia, Germany and Philippines lined up, waiting in the wings for their turn to share their success stories.

If you already an avid podcast listener, there is a chance that you may have heard of some of my awesome friends (because I interviewed some pretty big podcasters) but most of my guests are people like you. People who at one time said “Someday, I will…” and then they did it.

With me, you will learn how they accomplished their goals and overcame their challenges, what goals are yet to be conquered and other details of their journey.

I am an an “Optimistic Realist.” I believe that if you can dream it, you can achieve it, but only with the right effort and with the committment to never surrender. That is the focus of my show.

You will be able to download episodes to your iDevice from iTunes, or an Android from Stitcher, or directly from my website. Keep watching here. I will announce when the podcast is live. 

This is scary. And exciting!