Friday, February 13, 2015


The opening segment is from MYST 67 Trevitorial: Are Your Goals Dumb?

NPR and their podcast TED Radio Hour can be found here. The specific show that I referenced in this Trevitorial is from November 26, 2014, and it is entitled "To The Edge". It--and all of the other episodes--are fascinating!

Challenging goals are important. Impossible goals are damaging to the person's spirit. It is a fine balance, but it can be found.

Check out this episode!


Dan, a Varsity Squad member from Palm Beach, Florida asked a question (via the MYST Speakpipe system) about which supplements (protein, vitamins or other) should be used for weight loss.

I have my answers. But please note: my answers are correct for most people, but certainly not all. If you have a condition that would prevent you from following me advice, then please do not use my suggestions. We are all different and have different needs. Just because my "in general" advice is valid does not mean that you are "in general."

Check out this episode!