Friday, May 25, 2012

And Now For Something Different

A few days ago I was getting the camper ready for the weekend and found that the taillights of the camper didn't work. Subsequent investigation found that the wires under the van were corroded and broken. Yesterday (two days before a holiday weekend!) I was able to get my van in to the RV repair center. (Thank you, Van Boxtel RV!) In about 90 minutes, they found and repaired the problem. And to my surprise, for less than $60!

While they were working on the van, I took a walk. I strolled the neighborhood for almost an hour. I really enjoy walking. It is good exercise, relaxing, and it gives you the chance to look around at more things than you can see when driving inside a care. I was in the western part of Green Bay, well inside the city limits, but with some nice green areas with untamed grasses and trees. In other words, land that was previously farmland that has not yet been sold to a developer. And as I walked, I saw this.

That is a mama wild turkey and her poults (babies.) I was across the street from them, and took the picture with my camera. Being a curious devil, I crossed over to get closer.

I'm about 10 yards away at this point. Mama is taking them back to the tall grass, not in a hurry, but moving faster than the poults (See the homes in the background.)

I'm as close as 10 feet at this point when she suddenly stopped, turned and looked directly at me. She stands about 3 feet tall. Probably weighing about 10 pounds, she can fly at up to 50 mph when needed. I decided that curiosity was suddenly not as important as not being chased by an angry turkey, so I back away. Still, it was fun to see the animals.

Another post that has nothing to do with weight loss, just about what you can see and experience when you get out and walk around with your eyes open and ears alert.

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  1. Cool! We have lots of them around here, but they are really spooky at this time of the year. Glad you got your rv fixed and you are out and about! I love this kind of random post, it makes me smile!