Friday, February 14, 2014

Prepping for Sunday's Show

On Sunday, I will be making crepes on Good Day Wisconsin. I am making both recipes before Sunday, just to make sure that I eliminate any rust. I don’t make crepes every day. Planning and preparation is important when success is important. If I were cooking for myself, I might be tempted to not worry about details and just “wing it.” But when I am cooking for guests at home, I try to create food as good as possible (which, in my humble opinion, is sometimes as good--or better--than what is available in a restaurant.) When I am cooking on live television, that increases the need to be as correct as possible. So I practice my recipes.

When I made foods on previous shows, I always had all my ingredients out on display so people could get an idea what was necessary. My recipe is very basic: milk, eggs, flour, vanilla, salt, and beer. Yes, beer. (Here in Wisconsin, we can put beer in anything, right?)

Every beer brings its own characteristics. You can't use just anything. Something like North Coast Brewing Old Rasputin Russian Imperial Stout--a great beer--would add a powerful flavor, as would something hugely hoppy like Dogfish Head 90 Minute IPA. So, I made a test batch tonight. And I know what I am using.

So, you may be wondering what beer I will use. I don't want to keep you in suspense.

I am going to use Wisco Disco, a fine amber ale brewed by my friend Brad Stillmank and the Stillmank Brewing Company here in Green Bay. It is malty and hoppy, smooth and delicious. You can see in the photo that one can of the four-pack is gone, sacrificed for the test batch. Well, not all of it. The recipe only needed 5 ounces, leaving 11 ounces for my glass!

If you are local, I hope you watch me. (Also, locals will be able to buy some of this great beer!) If not, I will post a link to watch my segments online.

Think happy thoughts for me!

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