Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Busy. Very busy!

It's mid-terms at my college. That means a lot of grading papers, meeting with students to discuss their performance (or lack thereof in a few isolated instances.)

But it also means that I haven't been very active here on my blog. It's not that I don't want to post my thoughts, ideas, and meals here, but I need to prioritize what NEEDS to get done over what would be FUN to do. However, I am almost through the pile of work, so I will soon be actively blogging here, hopefully on a daily basis.

Prioritization is the key to successful weight management. You need to ask yourself, "Which is more important? Staying within my calorie budget and hitting my weight target, or eating that piece of cake?"  Sometimes the cake will win, and that is appropriate. When you attend a special event, enjoy some of the treats. But limit yourself to one serving, and a small one at that. But most days, you should decide that your goal is more important to your health--both physical and emotional--than that cookie will taste.

Right now, I am still enjoying my maintenance er, my target weight range phase.   However, I am still slowly losing weight. That is not intentional, but it is a side effect of my mental inability to eat ALL my budgeted calories each day. After working so long and so hard to stay slightly under my weight loss budget, now I find myself still staying just a little under my current budget. I tell myself "Just a little under the budget, just in case I didn't accurately measure my food."

I need to stop that belief pattern. I know that I accurately measure my food. My Fitbit accurately gauges my caloric burn.

But old habit die hard. However, I taught myself to eat the correct portion sizes. I can teach myself to eat ALL my calories!

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