Sunday, March 11, 2012

Sometimes It's a Home Run ...

... and sometimes "it's a swing and a miss!" (We are 17 days from the start of baseball season. Go Brewers!)

You've seen many recipes on this blog. They were all very good. I hope that you have tried some in your kitchen. But I hope you don't have the idea that the recipes that I use are all excellent, or that my execution of the recipes is perfect.

They aren't, and I'm not.

A case in point was today's meal. My wife and I took our dog for a nice walk on a beautiful river side path this afternoon, and that ate into my cooking time. I wanted to make something relatively quick and easy. The main course was a simple salmon patty, with a salad on the side. For a carb dish, I found a new recipe using brown rice, spinach and cheddar cheese, put together to make a baked rice pie. I modified it to use wild rice instead of brown rice. It's a simple recipe.  Nutritionally, it is a good choice.

But it just didn't work. Oh, I ate a piece, but the best I can say for it is that it made the salmon patty even more flavorful in comparison.

I'll post the recipe here. Maybe it will strike someone's fancy. I will also give a few ideas on how I would modify it further if I were to make it again (but I probably won't.) But this is an example of trying new dishes, expanding you horizons of my meal options, and running into a brick wall. To be honest, this doesn't happen often, because I am pretty good at anticipating how the flavors and textures will blend together, but every once in a while ... well, no one bats 1.000 in the kitchen! (I'm not normally this enthused about the start of baseball season, but the beautiful summer-like weather we are having is making me excited about it.  Maybe this summer I will actually go to Miller Park and watch the Brew Crew play a game there.)

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