Sunday, April 1, 2012

The best laid plans ...

Yesterday was the final beerfest of the season. My wife and I attended and poured beers that my Brewing Science students made on March 3. The event went very well. In one respect, it was MUCH better than the brewfest in February, because this time I did not lose my Fitbit!

We try to plan our day carefully when it comes to meals. My wife and I had planned to eat at a local restaurant only three blocks from the brewfest site. We were going to be at the venue early, set up, and go eat, so instead of eating a lunch, we had a simple breakfast in mid-morning. We arrived at 2:30pm and quickly unloaded. The brewfest didn't start until 4pm so we had plenty of time to enjoy a meal.

And then we found out the restaurant doesn't open until 5pm. (The joys of small town life!)

We were looking forward to our meal at the little place, and consequently, we did not bother to pack any snacks. Not smart. The brewfest was offering food, but bags of pretzels and popcorn were not going to work.

So we worked our table and poured a lot of beer. We even had a chance to sample some locally produced beers and wines. (My wife's favorite wine was Parallel 44's Frozen Tundra, and my favorite beer was a toss up between Titletown Brewing Company's Busted Nut and O'so Brewing Company's Dank.) And we waited for the event to end. We waited impatiently. When the clock hit 8:00, I had my gear disconnected and loaded in the van in eight minutes and were on the road. By now the place we were going to eat was open, but the quiet leisurely lunch was not an option anymore so we just drove home and stopped at a pub near our house.
That greasy bacon-cheese burger and the mound of steak fries was sooooooo good!

And this morning, the scale suggests that I gained 3.4 pounds since yesterday. So what happened? It was a combination of a few things, all striking at once. Our food choices were not a good as if we had cooked them at home, and everything was heavily salted. I drank very little water yesterday, and for four hours I was essentially standing still just pouring beer. Lack of large muscle activity, combined with low water intake and a high sodium infusion resulted in a lot of fluid retention. (almost two liters of water.)

I am not worried about that gain, because we all know it is temporary. But my point is that you can make careful plans for every meal of the week and sometimes your plans will fall apart. All you can do if that happens is to get going and get back on track. Every day is a new day, and a new chance to redefine yourself.

Don't let yesterday's problems pollute today's attitude.

And when you are in an unplanned situation and do not have your usual meal choices, choose something really good and enjoy every bite.


  1. Thank you I think you are so right.

  2. My boyfriend works for a brewery here and we work a lot of beer tasting events- those are my biggest downfall, every time- even when I plan for them!

    You're right though- after a bad eating day, the best thing you can do for yourself is get right back to eating healthy. Let one day of bad eating be just that- one day. I used to let it ruin the whole weekend or week for me, but now I can actually get back on the wagon the day after. It's a great feeling. Good job with everything, Trevor!!