Wednesday, April 4, 2012

So What Does Everyone Else Eat?

The meals in this blog are generally evening meals, our family dinner. Assuming our 16 year old son is at home (not always the case), we all eat the same thing.

Breakfasts are a different matter. I like eat a very robust breakfast, while my wife's is smaller. And when it comes to eggs, I like more eggs for breakfast than she does and I have different preferences for what I add to the eggs. Our son, who likes to sleep as long as possible before arising for school, eats in the car or when he gets to school. Consequently, breakfasts are frequently more "made to order" for each of us.

I'm not going to give specific recipes for these pictures, just a description of the ingredients and their nutritional data.

Here is what I had for breakfast:

That is three whole eggs in one tablespoon olive oil, with sauteed jalapenos and sweet mini bell peppers and three tablespoons of natural peanut butter and 1/4 cup sliced fresh strawberries folded into it. (This is for the peanut butter lover.)

Calories:    733
Fat:            60.2g
Sat fat:       11.4g
Chol:          625mg
Sodium:      370mg
Carbs:        18.9g
Fiber:           5.2g
Protein:      30.4g

My wife enjoyed this breakfast:
Two whole eggs, sauteed mushrooms (4 ounces fresh) and one tablespoon shredded cheese. No olive oil, just cooking spray.

Calories:    192
Fat:            12.8g
Sat fat:         3.8g
Chol:          425mg
Sodium:      186mg
Carbs:         4.7g
Fiber:          0.6g
Protein:     15.3g

Our son, the late-riser, enjoyed this meal on the go:
Okay. It's not gourmet. It's not overwhelmingly healthy. But it isn't bad. He likes yogurt, the fiber bars are good and filling, and the pop tart? Well, yeah, the pop tart isn't healthy. This gets him out the door and started.  When he gets the lunch I pack for him, it gets a little healthier:

These meals take a little time to prepare (about 10 minutes.) I get up earlier than I need to so that I can make this meal, but I do have a few shortcuts. For the eggs, I saute the veggies the evening before so in the morning, I just need to warm them in the skillet and add the eggs. The lunch is simple to put together because I prep the veggies and fruit the night before, and only need to assemble the sandwich fresh in the morning. (Again, planning and organization are the key to enjoying life.)

We try to start our days with a meal together and end our day with another meal together. Life is too hectic to ignore the opportunity to start the day with a filling meal and some time with the important people in your life. It is relaxing to sit down to a nice breakfast and is quiet with only our dog whining a little (hoping that something will fall to the floor.)

Getting up a half hour early is worth it. I hope you are able to take the time to enjoy your meals, too.

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  1. Breakfast is my favourite meal! I switch it up all the time :)
    My hubs used to only have cereal, now he has whatever I'm making myself!! Love's them.
    I could eat those breakfasts you posted any time!
    I do have lots of veggies and fruits in the fridge portioned and ready to go for the week. They definitely save me a lot of time.