Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Music and Beer (Not At the Same Time)

Saturday was a great day! An noon, I watched my son's band perform their last gig together. It was an outdoor show at a local music store. They play heavy metal and most of the music is original pieces that they wrote.

From left to right: Charlie on bass, Ethan R on guitar, Don on drums and my son, Ethan L on guitar.

Yeah. I'm a proud dad. He's a great guitar player!
After the performance I went to downtown Green Bay to a foodie-fest, Savour Green Bay. It features local restaurants, breweries and wineries, with an emphasis on the local food cuisine. I went there, not for the food--of which there was plenty--but because a local homebrewer is living his dream because he opened his own brewery. Stillmank Brewing Company makes one beer, Wisco Disco, a hoppy and smooth Americal Amber Ale. A great beer! Currently only available in the Green Bay area on tap, soon he will be canning in 16 ounce cans and distributing to local grocery stores.

Brad Stillmank, founder and brewer of Stillmank Brewing Company.

After enjoying his wonderful amber ale, I felt incomplete. One beer is always a lonely beer, so I stopped at another vender, Titletown Brewing Company. One of their brewers (another homebrewer from the area's homebrew club) Dave Malcom was present and pouring several selections, including a German Schwartzbier (black beer), Dark Helmet. It is a black lager, smooth with flavors and aromas of coffee, chocolate, caramel and toast--and yet NONE of those ingredients are used. The brewers make those flavors and aroma from the different malts. This beer took a bronze award at the World Beer Cup. A seriously good beer, and one that I could have drank all day. But since I needed to drive, I stopped at one. But that's okay. I know where I can get more.

Dave Malcom, standing proudly in front of his beers.

All that before 2pm! It was a great day!

That's all. Nothing profound to talk about, nor any new recipes. Sometimes that's just the way it goes.

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