Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Cooking on Television

This was how the food looked prior to the second segment.

Angela Kelly, me and Meteorologist Phil DeCastro

As I noted in the previous post here, I was asked to return and cook again.  The next TV date is set for Saturday, September 14. I already know what I will make:

Grilled Jalapeno Poppers and Grilled Pizza (I don't know exactly the crust I will use for the pizza.)

The host (Angela) wanted a "football/tailgate" theme. I didn't want to do the usual burgers, brats and wings, so I thought we'd go this way. I will have access to a gas grill, and we are going to grill good food!

Over the next week, the family and I will be eating many pizzas. I will post each on the blog for your input.


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    1. Thanks, Chuck! I had an absolute blast! The hosts and crew made me feel really comfortable and welcomed.