Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Waiting for the Fitbit

Day four without my Fitbit. I'm not worried. I'm not frustrated. I'll be okay. (If I keep repeating those statements, I'm sure I'll start to believe it.)

Yesterday, out of curiosity--okay, desperation--I went to the county fairgrounds and searched the area that I was in when I lost it.  I didn't find it. But I tried! It's not that I am superstitious, but my I wore my Fitbit through almost all of my weight loss. It was my constant companion, my silent partner. I really didn't need it. I rarely ate the exercise calories that I burned. But it was a great reminder to keep active.

Now that I am at goal weight, it is actually even more important because it gives me a more accurate measurement of my calories burned. As odd as this sounds, I really do not want to continue losing weight. I am happy where I am. That means I need to eat as much as I burn. However, if I don't know how much I am burning, I must simply guess. And I don't like that. If I guess too high, I will gain a bit (and as much as I don't want to lose more, I REALLY, REALLY don't want to start regaining!) And if I guess too low, then I continue to slowly lose weight. (Which is really not a major deal, but I made a goal of a specific weight range, and right now I am one pound under the low end of that range.)

My new Fitbit should be here by the end of the week, and we will have a joyful reunion. I really do recommend the Fitbit to everyone that I talk to unless they already have a heart rate monitor. The Fitbit is small, easy to wear concealed, records movements automatically, and then automatically transmits the data to LoseIt (of course, that assumes you are using LoseIt.) Just as LoseIt makes logging your meals easy, Fitbit makes recording exercise even easier.  (End of non-compensated commercial for my Fitbit.)

Being at goal weight is good. It feels great to be here. But is it just as much work as losing the weight, because I can't lose my focus. I am still following a calorie budget. The only difference is that the budget has an additional 500 calories a day, and now I eat my exercise calories. It also requires that I look for calorie-dense and yet nutritious foods that are now sodium filled.

It would be easy to hit my calorie goal. A few pieces of pizza would do it. But that would also blow my sodium levels out of the water. So my careful consumption will continue. Stay tuned to see how I make my way through this new maze.


  1. Fitbit or HRM?

    Suggestions Trev? At this time I have the $ for one or the other...

  2. Depends. Fitbit is excellent at walking/running activities. It won't work for weightlifting or other strength training, and is somewhat effective for biking. I don't do much strength training, so it works fine for my needs.