Thursday, November 1, 2012

The "Ps" of Long Term Success, Part 5

You've developed PASSION, made a PLAN and are PREPARED. You took the next step and PROCEEDED toward your goal.  Now what?


Don't quit!

Really. It's that simple. The only way you can success is to keep at it. The only way you will certainly fail is to quit.

An old Chinese proverb reads: "Failure is not falling down, but rather in not getting up again."

You WILL have days that do not go according to you plan. You will have days when you overeat. Or don't exercise. Or indulge in a high-sodium meal.  So what? It's only a problem if you let those challenges stop you. Keep returning to your PLAN. Let your PASSION keep you fired up. Never surrender.

Goals worth working toward will not usually happen overnight. Weight loss is not fast--regardless of what "The Biggest Loser" or Dr. Oz may suggest. There are no shortcuts to success. It takes determination, self-motivation and the internal strength to say:

"I'm in it, to win it! I will not quit just because it is difficult. I will not give control of my body to food. I am in control of what I eat and how I exercise."

It's not easy to make that mental change. And without a mental change, a physical change is nearly impossible

You've started on your journey. Don't stop!

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  1. DINGDINGDINGDING!! Herein lies the most important part of the weightloss journey. Mental change- lifestyle change. You can't think of this as a diet, you have to change the way you live your life.

    I never say that I am cheating or being bad when I eat foods that might not have been the best choices for me. Never. Because that would imply that this journey I am on has an end or it is seperate from the way I plan to live the rest of my life. I will choose healthier things for the next meal and I will not throw the whole thing out the window for the day by saying something to the effect of "Iblew it today, so I might as well just forget about the rest of the day". I just doesn't work that way.
    thanks for these amazing posts Trevor!