Saturday, January 21, 2012

I WILL WIN (part 2)

Yup.  That is my first tattoo.  I've made it to almost 49 years old before finally getting one.  "Vincero" means "I will win" in Italian (in case you didn't watch the video in yesterday's post.)  It's inked on my right forearm, near the wrist. I will see it daily. I will be reminded daily.

I know I will succeed. I have learned that I am powerful, determined, focused and driven. But reminders never hurt. I like using calendars, and "to do" lists. They keep me organized. On task. (Remember my shopping list?)  And this event was a life-changing event. I achieved my goal, and have embarked on the next goal (maintenance.)

I decided to make this reminder permanent, because this new goal will be permanent. I will never leave maintenance. And I will never settle for "almost".

What are you willing to do as a reminder, as an incentive? It doesn't have to be a tattoo. Maybe you are going buy a new summer outfit in your new size. Register for a run? Join a gym and pay for a coach. How are you going to invest in your life? What are you going to do, right now, so that you can be better later?

If you are ever in Sheboygan, Wisconsin and feel the need to add some art to your body, ask for Steve here.

A couple of in-progress pictures:


  1. YAY!!
    I got my first and second tattoo after I reached my first goal last summer- 2 sunshines in honor of my loseit nickname. I embrace it and it does remind me to live a joyful life....which includes eating in a healthy way and to get the activity that I need.

    Keep it waxed!! :)

  2. I registered for a 5K in March :) Once that's done I'll register for another one. Then another one. Then... a 10K? A half-marathon? Hmmmmm....

  3. Beautiful tattoo, Trevor! Both in design and meaning!! And CONGRATS on making goal!!