Saturday, January 28, 2012

A nice day

The day started early this morning. I was up at 4am so I could get ready for the brewing seminar today. After the last seminar I taught, some students gave negative feedback because they expected sweet rolls for breakfast. So I bought a variety of sweet rolls and a gallon of orange juice, fresh from the bakery at 5am. Then I woke my son and we went to my school. (Well, the "waking my son" took a little longer than that, but I edited it for brevity.)

The class went well (but this group was not expected sweet rolls, and at the end of the class there were a dozen left.) We made successfully made four good beers and I think most will register for the advance brewing seminar in a month.

When we were done, we drove home (45 minutes) and had a good ride talking. He also asked if he could go to band practice (the heavy metal band) and if so, if he could take the leftover doughnuts. That was a great idea, because I really didn't need those at home. (Besides, a few teenagers can take care of those without even thinking!)

The afternoon was a nice day, so I fired up the grill and made a pork loin, served with cheesy spaghetti squash and fresh cranberry relish. I love grilling in the winter.

I really don't have anything motivational to talk about today. Sometimes it's nice to just  have some fun, and brewing is always a lot of fun, especially when I get to teach a few new people and spend the day with my teenager. I'll try to find something more significant to blog about tomorrow.

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  1. That is an awesome blog! And your spaghetti squash looks divine! I like nice days.