Wednesday, January 25, 2012

The wonderful world of variety

Based on responses, both here and on my LoseIt feed, sardines are not the most popular food item in this country. (Ditto to calves brains.) That's okay with me. I never expect everyone to agree with everything I say, do or write. Nor should anyone else expect that of their personal beliefs, practices and opinion. This world provides an infinite amount of diversity, which is what makes life so fulfilling and interesting.

It is difficult on days where I am out of the house from early morning to late evening. I have no chance to really cook anything special. (What I mean by that, is that there won't be a new recipe or picture of delicious food today.) My main goal is to get to the clinical site on time and be able to eat healthy foods. Over the next few posts (which may take weeks or months, depending on which other ideas pop into my brain) I will give you other ideas for quick and easy meals that meet my goals of healthy, easy and economical. And as before, I will also continue to add to the growing list of recipes, as well as general discussions of life.

I still don't have my snow blower fixed. Part of me is hoping that maybe we just won't get any more snow. The rest of me knows that I better get off my butt now, before the snow flies. Hmm. Is there a corollary here with taking steps toward our goals? The broken chute on my snow blower won't heal itself. But this is Wisconsin and the snow will not stay away forever. Likewise, if you found this blog through LoseIt, or have a desire for greater health, it won't happen magically on its own. However, greater-than-desired weight and other health issues will happen without any intervention on your part.

We all have goals. We need to understand that goals require effort. And rarely are important goals easy to achieve.  I know that my weight loss seemed simple and easy. But it took constant focus, daily reminders of the importance of meeting my health goals. However, that was only the first goal.  Henry Kissinger is quoted as saying, "Each success only buys an admission ticket to a more difficult problem."  That seems to be gloomy but it is accurate. In school, success in one grade level advances you to a more difficult level. On the job, success in a specific job role will usually result in gaining greater responsibilities.

My "more difficult problem" is maintenance of my current weight. I am happy to have graduated to this new level of difficulty. I will continue with my focus, but will also rely on my growing community of friends to help me achieve this new, lifelong goal.

You, all of you, can achieve the goals that you want, that are in your power. It takes focus. You CAN do it. The power is within you.

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  1. Off Topic but.....I just noticed your title of the blog. That was MY suggestion (I think....pretty sure....). Yay!

    --David Baum