Friday, January 13, 2012

Winter in Wisconsin

It's finally winter in Wisconsin. Oh, sure, it has been winter on the calendar since December 21, but last night we got our first real snowfall. Green Bay had 3-4 inches, but my driveway had drifts to 18 inches. (I live on a very windy street.) So I got up early this morning and fired up my trusty snow blower. It's old, but it starts every time and does a fine job of clearing the driveway.

I was a little over half done before the problem became evident.

The orange chute that is sitting on the floor is supposed to be attached to the top of the snow blower. When that fell off in the middle of the driveway, my snow blower became a snow geyser. Interesting to watch. Not to fun to own. Or to stand under.

I finished the driveway using a shovel. That was a lot more work, but at least the handle didn't break (and if it had broken, I have second shovel.)

Success in any project requires planning. Good planning always allows for contingencies and emergencies. When a person tries to lose weight, they might carefully budget their calories. In doing so, at the end of the day they may have enough of a budget leftover to go out for a drink with the crew from the office. If they weren't careful with their budget, that option might not be possible or advisable. You plan for what you can expect and prepare for possibilities that you cannot predict.

Some people experience weight loss plateaus (for this sake of this discussion, I define a plateau where a person doesn't lose weight, or loses/gains the same pound, for more than 6 consecutive weeks.) If you reach a plateau, now you need to go back to your toolbox, and find a figurative shovel. Increase (NOT decrease) your daily budget by a 10% AND change your workout routine. Try eliminating one class of foods from your diet (dairy, or carbs, or meat ... anything that is different). Join a gym.  Form a weight loss support group. Start a blog. Do something different.

Einstein is quoted as saying: "Insanity: doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results." If want you are doing is giving you what you want, keep on doing it. You have found YOUR secret to success. But if what you are trying is just causing frustration, you need to try something new. And when you try something new, give it 4 weeks before you decide that it is not working.

Now I need to try to fix that snow chute before the village snow plow comes through and closes off the end of the driveway. I think they get a bonus on their check for every driveway that they clog with the plow.


  1. Thanks for this posting. I need to find my figurative shovel!


  2. It's time for me to get my shovel out too. I am a little under two pounds away from my goal, and I have been stuck for over a month, like you said, gaining and loosing the same one or two pounds. It has started to get really frustrating for me, but it is definately time to shake things up. Thanks for the reminder Trevor.